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Business Plan For Lasting Love


Would you dream of starting a business without a plan?  
Absolutely not!

Then why would you begin a haphazard search for the most important relationship in your life,
your true love & life partner 
without a plan?

Are you even ready for a lasting relationship?
You can find out quickly by taking our FREE
Relationship Readiness Quiz
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Don't waste another second on mismatches,
oddballs, or weirdos!!!

Enroll in"The Business Plan for Lasting Love" program.
Learn how to approach finding the right life partner with a definitive plan, carefully developed and crafted by you.  
When you complete our program you will be empowered with a
Conscious Dating Plan
that is guaranteed, if implemented properly,
to guide you to your heart's destination.

Join us for a Free Seminar to learn how to change your life and 
"Be The Chooser"  
This seminar is committed to advancing the success of single, divorced, and widowed men and women in finding each other for
lasting relationships  

Take Action Now ... it could happen for YOU!

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Get the FREE Relationship Readiness Quiz

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